Goodbye my friend

I shall miss you with all my heart. You smiled when you were happy, you smiled when you were angry, you smiled when you were tired, you smiled when you were everywhere.

You were there with me when Challenger exploded, when I was frustrated and lonely, when I could not care less about carbon, when I was successful and enthusiastic about buckyballs. You told me my career had peaked when I was 23 years old.  I think you were right.

Harry Kroto was one of the greatest scientists in history because he understood joy and connected it to science better than anyone I have ever met.  He laughed and smiled at all things science.

It is with the utmost respect that I must sadly report that Harry has gone to meet his maker (or maybe not), he is pushing up daisies, he has joined the choir invisible.  Sir Harold Walter Kroto, FRS is an ex-chemist.


More Berserker Theories

My post from several years ago on the Efficient Berserker is very popular and I wanted to extend a few ideas.

Suppose there are many intelligent alien species in the Milky Way and most of them believe in the Berserker Hypothesis. Maybe they believe because of evidence, or maybe it's just speculation.

If I believed in this I would hunker down and make sure that my species were as invisible as possible. So this can explain a portion of the Great Silence. Species want to be invisible because bad things can happen when they are found.

This is like being in the French Resistance during World War II. How do you go find other patriots without exposing yourself to the Nazis?

The world in 2030

The National Intelligence Council writes global forecasts. Here is the forecast for 2030 written in late 2012. The next forecast (for 2035) will be published in late 2016.

The discussion of black swans was interesting. I disagree with the narrow focus of financial disasters, they focus on only on the Euro zone. I think there is a very high chance of a nightmare financial collapse in the United States. The reason is that the US Government cannot and will not effectively police the financial markets. Financial derivatives have skyrockted recently, including the frightening bespoke tranche opportunity. In addition the US is almost certain to default on its debt by the year 2030. Medicare will bankrupt our country and there is no political leadership to avoid it.

The discussion of the pandemic was good but there was no mention of a more likely pandemic, not for humans, but for our food chain. Rust is a powerful fungus which is devastating the world's wheat crops, and it is moving from the Middle East towards the breadbasket of India.


I think the greatest creation of humanity, the greatest achievement, the highest we can aspire, is comedy, humor, and laughter.

Study after study shows that success, good health, and satisfaction result from happiness. Happiness is the cause of all the good things we want in our lives.

Transcranial Stimulation for Asperger's

Here are a few more articles discussing the use of transcranial stimulation to treat Asperger's. We are on the cusp of a revolution in neurotherapy. In a few years patients will go to brain therapy clinics as frequently as they go to physical therapy today.

Another exciting idea is to combine nutritional and/or drug dosages with transcranial stimulation. Just as physical therapy can repair a frozen shoulder, neurostimulation will be able to repair cognitive impairment and degradation.

Nutritional Supplements

I wish that Ray and Terry were more forthcoming about optimal nutritional supplements instead of just offering a few hundred different options. My guess is there are legal issues with recommending specific compounds and dosages.

If I were going to take one and only one supplement what should I take? Or what if I only wanted to take 2 supplements?

I think the answer is Vitamin D first, then magnesium second (preferably as the citrate form to enhance absorption).  So what is third?  Omega-3 oils or Vitamin C or CoQ-10 (as ubiquinol)? I'm willing to take about 10 pills per day, but not 40.  So which 10 would you recommend?

I understand that some of this depends on deficiencies, and everyone is different. But it would be easy to make a recommendation in the case of no deficiency.  So what would be the top 10 supplements to take for a person with no deficiencies?