This website is dedicated to the immediate future. I see several major technologies which will soon dominate our lives

1    Transcranial Electronic Stimulation - Larry Niven called them wireheads. Companies such as Halo Neuroscience, Thync, and Nervana are already selling products which send pulses to the brain.

2    Virtual Reality - when coupled with transcranial devices VR will soon replace most forms of entertainment including sex.

3    Artificial intelligence and robotics - not much more needs to be said here. Humans now are 2nd best in playing Go. Machine intelligence is pervasive in most areas of our lives.

4    Abundance - whether it is food, water, electricity, healthcare, or jobs we are on the verge of a revolution in the lifestyle of all of humanity.

5    The Singularity - Moore's Law is dead for silicon, but there are a few intriguing systems such as Optalysys and DWave which may allow the birth of a non-silicon intelligent machine.

There are a few other topics I enjoy:  The Fermi Paradox, Nutrition, Nanotechnology, and Science Fiction.