Is Amazon a Library

The Library of Alexandria, the Grand Library of Baghdad, the Library of Congress...the library is the defining institution of human knowledge.  Is the Amazon Kindle Store a library?  Does Amazon have any civic duty to perpetuate Kindle books forever? 

I have written my view that the day is coming when Amazon will remove some titles from the Kindle Store because they are losing money. Amazon is a for-profit corporation and has every right to adjust their business to maximize profit.

Or do they?  What is the cultural implication of an Amazon decision to remove titles from the Kindle Store? 

Will Jeff Bezos address the implications of Amazon corporate policies to human society, culture, and knowledge?

Here is one answer.  Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and others will establish a philanthropic foundation to sustain and offer electronic documents in perpetuity.  Once an e-book goes out of circulation or out of copyright it will be offered in this e-library.

How about it Jeff?  Will you make a commitment to history?