Nutritional Supplements

I wish that Ray and Terry were more forthcoming about optimal nutritional supplements instead of just offering a few hundred different options. My guess is there are legal issues with recommending specific compounds and dosages.

If I were going to take one and only one supplement what should I take? Or what if I only wanted to take 2 supplements?

I think the answer is Vitamin D first, then magnesium second (preferably as the citrate form to enhance absorption).  So what is third?  Omega-3 oils or Vitamin C or CoQ-10 (as ubiquinol)? I'm willing to take about 10 pills per day, but not 40.  So which 10 would you recommend?

I understand that some of this depends on deficiencies, and everyone is different. But it would be easy to make a recommendation in the case of no deficiency.  So what would be the top 10 supplements to take for a person with no deficiencies?