Vote against your incumbent

Here is my hopeful prediction of Nov 3, 2010, the morning after the 2010 mid-term elections. Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Boehner hold a joint press conference to discuss the stunning results of the elections.  71% of incumbents were voted out of office.  Republicans took control of congress with a 235 - 200 majority.  66% of Republican incumbents were voted out of office, 75% of Democratic incumbents lost their seat.  Only 114 incumbents were re-elected, and more than half of those won by less than 1%.

Speaker Pelosi takes the podium first.

"Good morning.  I've asked Minority Leader Boehner to join me here today so we can jointly address what can only be considered as the most stunning mid-term elections in the history of this great country.  With 75% of my fellow Democrats losing their jobs I can only say that this speaks to the core of anger and disgust Americans feel about Congress.  Despite overwhelming majority populations many congressional districts held by Democrats for decades will switch hands to a Republican representative next January.  Even my own district almost elected an independent, I only won by 0.3% of the vote.  When questioned about issues the voters showed strong unhappiness with the scale of the new health care reform bill.

I accept full responsibility for this failure, it's clear that Democrats failed this country.  I will not stand for any leadership position in the new Congress.  My goal is to mentor the 175 newly elected Democrats as they begin helping this country as quickly as possible."

Minority Leader Boehner now takes the podium.

"I would so much love to brag about our great victory today, we took control of the House and voted out so many Democratic incumbents.  But I think only a fool would regard last night's elections as a victory for Republicans.  66% of my colleagues, including myself, were voted out of office last night.  Our policies and methods of opposing the health care reform bill were frequently mentioned as reasons for voting for Democrats.  We failed the American people and we failed our party.  Democrats now control districts with overwhelming Republican majorities.  Congress has been devastated, burned to the ground, and remade whole again by the will of the people.  As I leave office I can only take a small measure of comfort in thinking about the fresh new faces who will take office in January and restore American confidence in our Congress.

I apologize to everyone for this failure.  And I am sure this is a great day for our country."

Wishful thinking.  If only people will do it.  Please vote your incumbent out of office even if it means voting against your party.