RIP Robert Bradbury

Robert Bradbury the person who introduced us to Matrioshka Brains has passed away.  Here's an eloquent memorium from George Dvorsky. I wonder if we will ever learn that there are billions of Matrioshka Brains in the Milky Way, most of them far from the galactic center.  We currently call them dark matter.

If I had my choice of where to live in the Milky Way I would want to be as far as possible from the monster black hole at its center.

Singularity, a free audiobook

I have started listening to a free audiobook, Singularity by Bill DeSmedt. So far it's great, it's about the real cause of the Tunguska explosion. I'll review the book when I'm done listening to it.

I listen to it as a podcast feed.  I had some trouble setting up the feed in iTunes, the response of the podiobooks website was VERY slow, but it did finally work.  You can choose to get one chapter per day, per week, or all at once.