Cancer, Ketones, and Fasting

Here's one of the best and most important podcasts in history.  Tim Ferriss interviews Dr. Dom D'Agostino on ketones, fasting, and cancer.

I think I know the reason that oncologists can't recommend a ketogenic diet to their patients.  The reason is that it will only work if the diet is truly ketogenic.  People are notorious for lying about their diet.  I would guess that as many a 80% of patients who claim to be in ketosis are actually lying about the amount of carbohydrates they eat.  

A personal blood ketone monitor would help.  But in the end it's almost impossible to force people to stay on any specific diet.

A ketogenic diet is a weapon against cancer.  Unfortunately we may never know if it's a powerful weapon or a weak one.  I for one will be in ketosis within hours of the first suspicion that I have cancer.  Hopefully I'll never have to find out how well it works.

I also like the idea that a hard fast 2-3 times per year may be a cancer preventative.  Again, we may never find out.